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Barbering training session Dusseldorf 2017

The Legends touch down in Dusseldorf to share professional barber skills!

Just a few weeks ago, the Legends barbershop’s very own master barber, Darius returned to Dusseldorf to run another unique training session.

Collaborating with Barbers Concept, a prestigious company offering all-around support to barbers, a two- day training session was delivered to a group of hairdressers, keen to learn new skills.

On the first day, the students had an opportunity to master the art of wet shaving, including traditional and modern techniques. Under the guidance of Darius, they learnt the theory behind wet shaving, followed by a thorough practical training.

On the second day, Darius shared his expert knowledge on how to use equipment effectively and health and safety. Barbering is a form of art, according to many, mastering the cutting techniques is fundamental for any professionals. As well as learning how to hold equipment, its directions, the students gained all the essential skills to perform scissor-over-comb, clipper-over-com and section-over-comb cuts.

The barber experience lives on…

The barbers of The Legends are always very excited to share their professional skills. As well as running courses internationally, we also have our own academy in the UK.
Our unique training courses are aimed at individuals with some experience, such as hairdressers or barbers, who wish to brush up on their barbering skills or to learn the art of wet shaving. We can provide flexible arrangements, courses can be tailored to your needs, all our training sessions are delivered by master barber Darius.

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