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Best remedy for shaving mishap!

Hey you! Yeah you! We’re calling out to all guys that give their selves a clumsy shave once in a while. We have the perfect – and essential – accessory here.

No shaving mishaps have to be covered with toilet paper, you can resolve these little wounds with this portable skincare treatment: alum matches.

Don’t be fooled, as they look like matches. But they’re not! They are 100% natural and disposable sticks that stop the bleeding right away and sooth the irritated skin.

Simply moisten the tip of the stick with a little bit of water and apply it to your skin and you will never have razor cuts after shaving again.
The natural mineral effect closes pores after shaving creates a barrier similar to traditional aftershaves.

Shop the ‘alum matches’ for yourself or as a little gift as all Men need this shaving accessory.
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