Years of style and care – delivered at the salon, shared in our workshops and taken home

Bloggers Who Visited Us

As Summer is nearing its end, we want to take the opportunity to look back over the past few months and thank the grooming and style experts who trusted the team at The Legends Barbershop with their haircut or shave.

We were delighted to meet Ross Linton from Totally Aesthetic Magazine who had a full haircut, beard shape and trim. Ross’s lovely review had us blushing and feeling proud! @TotalAesthetic @totallyaestheticmag

Writer and Adventurer Hugh Francis Anderson came into our Holborn store in mid-May for a haircut before dashing to catch a flight. We had him groomed in a flash!

A big thank you to Lucas Armitage from The Men Commandments who gave us the thumbs up for the tips and haircare we provided him with during his appointment. @LucasMArmitage

The Dad Blogger, Dan Molloy was a joy to talk to and open to our stylistic suggestions. He loved our Legends London male grooming products too! @TheDadBlogger

Ed Lemont from The Discerning Man was really pleased with his haircut which earned him lots of compliments.

It is always a joy to welcome new clients and being asked to provide bespoke male grooming care and advice. Our customers’ satisfaction is testament to the work and service we provide and we can’t wait for an exciting year ahead.