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Grooming tips for Guys on Their Wedding Day

Ahead of their wedding day, every couple wants to look their best. And while the bride can spend the months leading up to the big day pampering herself, it is less common for men to do the same. There are, however, a few ways for the groom to look smart and sharp at the end of the aisle; and they take less time and effort than men fear.

Here are our top grooming tips and specialist advice to ensure satisfied looks from Mother In Law, Wife to Be and guests.

1) Do not visit your barber for a haircut at the last-minute. You do not want your hair to be too short. Instead, schedule your haircut in 10 days to a week before the big day. This should give your hair plenty of time to recover from being ‘just cut’ and settle into a style that you can work with.

2) Avoid introducing a new style. It might be tempting to experiment with different hairstyles but it’s best that you stick with one you feel comfortable with and know works on you. If you’re feeling adventurous, try using a strong hair gel, which will provide great hold for any hairstyle but at the same time will be easy to wash off if needs be.

3) Have a wet shave. Book yourself in for a trial if you haven’t had a wet shave before; your barber will advise when the best moment in time will be prior to the wedding, to get a close shave that will not irritate your skin. Invest in a good moisturizer that will nourish your skin and use it daily in the months before the wedding.

4) Pack travel-sized grooming essentials for your honeymoon. Everyone likes to travel light when possible. Portable skincare and haircare items are also a safer option, especially if you are planning on buying them at the airport and packing them in your carry-on.