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A Guide to Spring Skincare

Even though the season doesn’t officially start until the 20th March, we have been seeing sings of spring for a bit now – it’s time to focus on your grooming to prepare for the warmer weather ahead. And as part of spring cleaning you may also want to clean out your bathroom shelf – have a good look for any razors that might need replacing, or cosmetics past their use by date. And once you have made space why not pick up some new products, inspired by the list below.

1) The first step of any skincare routine is the face wash; it cleanses your skin and removes dirt. Most often it is better to invest in high quality products as they are less likely to contain harsh chemicals. If you find that your facial wash leaves your skin dry you might want to consider using less or switching to a milder product.

2) Cold temperatures and dry atmosphere of winter has likely dried out your skin. An exfoliator will do you a world of good by removing dead skin, and with regular use it will keep you fresh and glowing. It also exposes hair follicles, allowing for a closer shave and eliminating ingrown hairs.

3) If ingrown hairs or redness after hair removal is something you struggle with on a regular basis you might want to look to shaving products such as Skin Food by Geo F Trumper, which can be applied daily after shaving.

4) A moisturiser should never be forgotten as it is one of the pillars of a good skincare regimen. For daytime we suggest the use of a lighter product that will protect the skin against the elements, and for the night – which is the time when skin does its recovery work – we recommend using something heavier to encourage regeneration.

5) If you feel like you could do even more for your skin, then do not hesitate to treat yourself to a skin mask or serum. These products have higher concentrations of certain active ingredients that can help you combat specific problems such as lines, wrinkles or skin dullness.

Also do not forget that it is the perfect time for The Legends barbers to refresh your look! You can book an appointment at Holborn or Strand , or if you’re more old school just give us a call.