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The Legends Hit OK School Academy Italy

Barber Training - The Legends Barber Shop - Darius at OK School Academy

A couple of weeks ago, our amazing master barber Darius travelled to the heart of Italy to share his professional and traditional barbering skills with OK School Academy. Darius was invited as a special guest to show the trainee barbers exactly what is expected from them if they want a chance at being the best in the business. It was a full house, with a lot to take in but it’s always a pleasure for The Legends Barber Shop to share our skills. It’s part of our ethos and we take great pride in our training academy.

The morning of the training days were all about blending, cutting and fading in a traditional barber style. Patience and care is the key with steady hands. There’s nothing quite like a traditional technique. Darius then moved on to the skill of comb and scissors cutting. The basics of good barbering but many don’t learn the art well enough to really take their barbering to the next level. Darius showed his skills to the students and explained why the simple methods can sometimes be the hardest. Moving on to late morning it was all about the abilities you need to cut and shape beards and moustaches. It takes time to learn the difference between cutting and shaping a horseshoe moustache to a Balbo beard, but with the help of Darius, it all comes to light.

In the afternoon was where we got to see who really listened and picked up some of the key qualities a good, no, GREAT barber needs. The students had a chance to practice their skills on models under the guidance of Darius. Seeing new barbers in action is what The Legends training courses are all about. Giving people real skills that don’t just sound great, but actually work to really accomplish some of the skills traditional barbers use. Hard work and time will help you become a barber, but extra professional training and established experience will make you become a master barber.

We had a great couple of days with OK School Academy and we hope to see them again soon. Fresh barbering talent always makes our day. You can find out more information on our training academy here. We’ll look forward to barbering with you soon.