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Meet the Barber: Livia

Livia at work

Our barbers are what makes us so unique. We thought it's time to introduce our amazing team of experts so we've asked them a few questions, starting this week with Livia:

Hello, I`m Livia, you can find me in the Holborn branch of the Legends. I`ve been doing this job almost 10 years.

Why did you decide to be a barber?
I decided to be a barber, because I’m a creative soul. Always played with family member’s hair since forever (feel sorry now for all the pain caused) and after high school I decided to try this profession and I fell in love straight away.

What do you like the most about the job?
I really enjoy creating what is in people minds and trying to advice customers with new styles or tips.

And the least?
The only thing I don’t like that even if I’m outside the shop is that I still look at people’s hair, sometime I could look like a stalker but unfortunately I CAN`T CONTROL IT! It’s like a disease.

Who would be your dream client?
My dream customer, even if it’s not possible anymore, would be Clarke Gable, so elegant and I love his style. Talking about alive people...Russell Crowe is you are reading this, I would be very happy to cut your hair and trim your beard.

If you were not a barber, what would you be?
If I were not a barber I probably would be an interior designer or something, or a painter, It’s my passion.

What song inspires you when styling?
About the music that inspires me, I can`t pick one song...just need to be happy, with rhythm.