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Summer Time Grooming

It’s officially Summer and what better time to pamper ourselves before jetting off to our holiday destination? At The Legends Barbershop, we can help refresh your look and provide you with top tips to maintain it during your travels; drop by for a haircut, wet shave and a friendly chat!

Once you’ve chosen your beach, daywear and evening outfits along with accessories to match, don’t forget the grooming essentials that you will be taking with you. You will need a light moisturiser and a chemical-free face wash that you can use on a daily basis.

Warm weather causes skin to dry, so it becomes more prone to shaving mishaps; help is at hand with our award-winning Alum Matchsticks, a portable men's skincare treatment for razor burns and skin irritation.

You’ll be wanting to look sleek and up to scratch on your travels, without having to spend too much time doing so; the Legends London hair gel will not only help style your hair and keep them that way, but will go the extra mile to nourish your roots for healthier hair.

Step out for summer night fun in a stylish yet casual hairstyle, easily achieved with our bespoke pomade. You can perfect a classic, retro or modern look by applying a small quantity and adding water for a wet look shine. The Legends London range caters for hair and skin care with the finest vintage-style items.