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Top Tips From Our Barbers

Top Tips From Our Barbers

The ability to have no nicks during a shave?! How I hear you ask… simply follow these simple guidelines! Our barbers have clubbed together to share with us their top tips on how to have the perfect shave.

1) A Sharp Blade. Okay so you might think this is a little obvious. But so many people use a blunt blade; this is the major cause of nicks & cuts. A sharp, clean blade or a new disposable razor should do the trick. The more you use a blade the blunter they become so you should bin a disposable razor after just maximum two uses.

2) Jump in the Shower and Then Shave. After a shower your skin is softer and so much easier to shave. So before you shave don’t forget to shower!

3) Clean your skin. Pretty obvious! Well, do you exfoliate?! Before you shave you should exfoliate your skin to remove any dead or dry skin. You should also moisturize every day as well, both these will help prepare your skin for shaving.

4) Technique. Get it wrong & you’ll get cut. Pressing down too hard or shaving too fast can cause nasty cuts. Take your time & use smooth movements and light strokes.

Better still, why not come into the barbers, meet the team & have a wet shave so you can experience how it is done – nick free – by the professionals.