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 Thomas has been with us for couple of years and he has done his best to fit into the Legends squad right from the first day, with his cheerful personality and highly professional barber skills. 
His friendly nature does not only make him the perfect company, it also helps him to go that extra mile when it comes to cutting and styling hair. 

Why did you decide to become a barber? 

I was sure right from the beginning, that I did not want to do office jobs, stuck behind a desk. I worked in a hotel for six years, then it closed down. I was always interested in barbering, but never really pushed it all them years. It is a massive regret, but thankfully I had the opportunity to train and become a professional barber, for the last 5 years I am doing my dream job, I work as a barber. I would skip into work every day if I could. I believe that barbering suits my personality and lifestyle to a tee. 

What do you like the most about the job? 

As I said previously, I would skip into work every day, barbering just the right profession for me. I enjoy every aspect of the job: cutting, styling, shaving and the chatting of course. 

The least? 

 I think that when you find something you love, you just do not search negativity in it. 

Who would be your dream client and why? 

David Beckham, because I love how creative he is and of course any haircut looks good on him. 

If you were not a barber, what would you like to be? 

 That is a very good question, but I am struggling to answer it… 

What music inspires you when cutting or styling? 

Something with a bit of life to it, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182 and Cold Pay. 

Which hairstyle would you recommend for a gentleman and why? 

Medium length men’s haircut with some great flow, it can be worn neat and clean or styled in a less refined, messy way. 

Why I love this style? 

The styling options are endless! 

What is your best haircare tip for a gentleman? 

I personally feel that no men should have to use a hairdryer after they leave the barbershop. (Why?) You look at the biggest hair icons of all time: Johnny Cash, Elvis and David Beckham. Not one of them, in my opinion, has ever used a hairdryer. If your hair is cut properly, you will not need a hairdryer to style it.
Heated tools, like straighteners and hairdryers being used in your everyday routine will also damage your hair.

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