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Meet the Barbers

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Introducing Our Expert Barber: James

Why did you decide to be a barber?

When I left school my parents urged me to get a job. One of my friends was looking for an apprentice and I decided to have a go. On my first day I already did a haircut and loved it! Haven’t looked back since.

What do you like the most about the job?

I like the whole atmosphere of a barbershop – it’s quite laid back. Every day you get to speak to different people from all walks of life and learn a lot from these conversations, which isn’t typical of many professions. I also enjoy the satisfaction of transforming someone’s image, making them happy.

And the least?

To be honest I love my job and there is nothing I would change about it… Perhaps apart from being forced to leave my warm, comfy bed in the mornings! All the cleaning can sometimes get annoying, but as long as you do what is required everything will fall into place. Overall it is still a relaxed and enjoyable place to work.

Who would be your dream client?


If you were not a barber, what would you be?

I’d like to think I would be a lawyer or something along those lines. I love watching murder investigations but would hate the work one has to put in away from the desk. I want to be my own boss, preferably filthy rich on a boat in the Caribbean!

What song inspires you when styling?

My favourite genres of music are RnB, hip hop, old skool garage and house.

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