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Men's Hair

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French crop is one of the classic haircuts that has been modelled by celebrities like George Clooney and Russell Crowe. 

 What is French Crop hairstyle? 
 French crop consists of hair that is cut short or medium on the back and sides and longer on the top. It is either combed over the forehead or brushed to the side depending on the length of the hair. 

Why to choose this hairstyle? 
 It is a low-maintenance haircut, but at the same time it can give you that smart look with a hint of sophistication. It is extremely easy to style, just a minute and you are ready to go!
Gentlemen, if you don’t like the fuss, but wish to look stylish, French Crop is perfect for you! 
One of the best things about this style is flexibility; it works well with most of the face shapes and hair types! 

Barber’s tip - How to cut French Crop? 
The hairstyle is achieved by cutting the hair on the back and sides using clippers, just to give the edges a little sharpness. Use grade 4 clipper- 13mm, for medium length and grade 1 for shorter option.
The Length of the top and fringe is cut to medium-size. Leaving a little length in the hair will give you more styling options.
You can leave the top thick or thin, to texture hair, you can use thinning scissors.
To give the look more balance, create medium-size sideburns.
Make sure that you finish off the lines around the neck and ears neatly, keeping the neck clean and tidy in a natural way.
You can style hair easily using pomade, we recommend The Legends London Pomade, this water-based product will make styling easy giving you the flexibility to re-style your hair several times a day, if you wish.
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