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Men's Hair

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There are a huge variety of haircuts, so picking the right hairstyle is a lot harder than it seems.

Our Master Barber’s recommendation is a hairstyle that has proven to be timeless and quite possibly is one of the masculine haircuts that will never go out of style.

Slick it all back and do not let your hair stop you! 

We are quite sure that you can rock this hairstyle, just like Michael Douglas did in Wall Street…. 

Celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt has also chosen to slick their hair back stylishly. 

The style works well for both curly and straight hair, to achieve the best result, you need at least medium length hair. 

 How you should cut the hair for the slicked-back style… 

After washing hair, take half inch on the top, follow the section. Make sure that you leave the crown longer. 

On the sides and back you can use scissors-over-comb technique or grade 6 (19mm) clipper. 

Finish it off with the lines around the neck and ears. 

You should keep neck clean and tidy in a natural way. 

Blow-dry hair backwards and to make sure that the style retains longevity, apply The Legends London Maximum Hair Gel. 

Barbers tip: styling at home

If you want to be taken seriously, you need serious hair….so read on! 

Slick-back hair does not need to be as high-maintenance as it seems, so gents, good news! 

You will not need to buy a hairdryer. 

Before styling, make sure your hair is clean and dried with a towel. Comb hair straight forward and leave it for a while. (by this you will add a bit of volume to the hair) 

When it is semi-dry, you can brush your hair back. Applying hair gel, you can make sure your look last for a long time.

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