All you need to know about our Barber Jack

Jack has been part of the Legends’ Team for 7 years. He is based at our Holborn salon and has been very well known by all our customers. Jack is proud to be a true professional, he has a passion for the barber trade. He is highly qualified and has 36 years of experience as a barber!

We were glad to be able to get his attention between a wet shave and a haircut, so that we could figure out a bit more about him.

Jack, you have been a barber for over 3 decades, how does it feel?

I have always enjoyed being a barber and it has not changed with the time!

What do you like the most about the job?

I like cutting hair, this is the main thing in barbering. I also enjoy having conversations with my customers. Here at the Legends you come across with many different, interesting people from pop stars to politicians, lawyers to builders, students to businessmen. This is just a great crowd!

Any advice to anyone thinking of this as a career?

It would be great to see more young people becoming barbers. My advice to them would be: Practice makes perfect! Make sure you practice all the techniques till you become confident… and be patient!

Who would be your dream client?

I cut the hair of my dream clients every day! They are my lovely customers!

If you were not a barber, what would you like to be?

A singer maybe! I really enjoy singing and I love music! Do you think I could become famous? :)

Which hairstyle would you recommend for a gentleman and why?

I would recommend a classical or short taper haircut. It is very easy to manage and you just spend a minute in front of the mirror every morning. That is how long it takes to style and look good!

What are your top tips when it comes to grooming?

Consistency is the key! And of course, making sure that you choose a good barber, a very good one, that will not rush your haircut and has a precise hand, and a great sense of humour of course!

What is your favourite product and why?

I use a wide range of products. What I use at the time will mainly depend on the hairstyle and hair type. I like DFI Blue, which is a low shine, medium hold moulding cream with a great tropical scent. I also use The Legends pomade a lot, it is a medium shine, water-based pomade, that will provide a good hold, but at the same time it is easy to restyle your hair once it has been applied. Also, it is very easy to wash it out of the hair…and it has a lovely, light fragrance.

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