Alum Matches Explained

You might have read all the tips and tricks for getting that smooth, clean shave, you might have even bought the most luxurious of shave sets (such as this one), yet even the most experienced of shavers are not immune to the occasional nick or cut; but don’t worry – we have an instant remedy just for that!

Treating Small Nicks and Cuts

The most common causes of shaving cuts are shaving too aggressively, catching unstretched skin or going over exposed areas too many times with a blade. On the market there is a whole range of products created just for treating these cuts, most of which contain an astringent as the active ingredient. An astringent is a compound that constricts the tissues in the skin and helps to coagulate and dry the blood; examples include potassium alum, aluminium sulphate or titanium dioxide.

The Legends London Alum Matches

Here at The Legends London we have developed our own Alum Matches, intended to be a very practical solution for shaving accidents. They are made of 100% natural Alum stone, a natural mineral ingredient which closes pores after shaving and creates a barrier that soothes and helps to keep face skin in good condition.

These matches are extremely easy-to-use and can even be used on-the-go – all you need to do is moisten the tip with water and apply it. With their neat packaging and handy size, they really are a perfect addition to a shave kit for travel or work.

You can pick up some Alum matches directly from our barbershops, our website or you can drop us an enquiry email at

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