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This month is the official end to our great British summer! As the sun in the city of London fades, we’re all back to work and back to our daily routines – but what about your hair?

Well, according to the Guardian, mullets are back. Don’t worry though, we’re not going to take you to the ’80s. So, follow us into the city instead. We’re two London barbershops with legendary style and year after year we see these popular styles make a comeback. If you’re wondering what Autumn hairstyle to opt for, take heed of these classic cuts:

City Comb Over

Think Mad Men-slick, with a modern edge – this popular barbershop style probably passes by you in the streets of London daily. Your barber will combine a fade, side parting, and a little bit of texture to give you the look at the barbershop. Styling it at home? Make sure you pick up a pot of our Legends Pomade. and push your hair to the side and backwards, for high-hold styling.

Fringe Forward

This style holds lots of texture within a front-facing fringe, bringing that bowl cut you had as a child into your city life. Perfect for those who want to look a bit more casual, this look is also a great one for gents wanting to hide their foreheads! Roughly towel dry your hair after a shower and then pull it forward with your hair products.

Famous French Crop

We’re big fans of the French Crop here at Legends! It’s a style favoured by many but truly perfected by few. Shorter back and sides are key to bring this look together, and the top of your head is where autonomy comes into play! Decide whether you want it long, medium-length or short – the cut will make all the difference to the end style.

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