Best Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2017

As the warmer days approach it is finally time to ditch the beanie; but just in case you have been relying on hats to hide some questionable fashion choices, we’ve put together a few hairstyle ideas to inspire you to look fresh this summer.

1. Skin Fade

A bold, but low-maintenance look; the skin fade haircut gradually tapers the hair down to the neck, but the difference to other types of fades is that the hair is shaved right down to the skin. It can be a great style for creating a break between your hair and beard – you can then balance the look by keeping your facial hair the same length as the hair on top, or if you prefer a longer beard just keep it trimmed straight and sharp to maintain the clean cut look.

You can also request a skin fade undercut, which is similar to the original style but the rate at which the grade shortens is much more sudden. It is a flattering style if you want to grow your hair out on top and slick it back.

2. Classic side parting

We can thank Hollywood for making this style popular again; in 2016 we have witnessed time-honoured styles becoming prominent on our screens, which lead to classics being adapted all over the world. This style is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Ask your barber for one inch on the back and sides, with up to four inches of length on top. To style use some gel or pomade and comb through to set a parting, and apply some hairspray to maintain a slick appearance – alternatively you can blow dry through for a more natural finish.

3. Quiff

Another classic making a comeback. It is unarguably one of the most versatile styles out there and will look great with both casual and smart ensembles, bound to compliment any man’s personal style. The quiff is all about the texture and length. The most popular variants include the short quiff, and the textured or messy quiff which has topped charts last year thanks to being rocked by the likes of Zayn Malik and David Beckham. To get this style apply a bit of clay to wet hair and comb the product throught your hair in the direction you’d like your quiff to take. From there, blow dry your hair upwards to add volume, using a cylinder brush for maximum height.

4. Middle Parting

This style made a surprise comeback on the catwalks of AW16. Admittedly it is not for everyone; it is most flattering for guys with angular or oval face shaper and relatively straight hair. The easiest way of styling the middle parting is to apply a small amount of wax in your hands and warm up by rubbing between your palms and then apply to the hair from roots to tips to add texture. Clay can be used instead of wax for a more matte finish.

5. The Hard Part

The hard part – also known as the razor line or side part line – is a feature of many old school haircuts. It provides definition and contrast, and can be added to a number of different men’s haircuts including fades, undercuts, comb overs and more. It surged back into popularity thanks to the likes of Conor McGregor, and barbers have given it a modern twist.

Classic barbershops are the best places to get this type of retro look as they are the most experienced with these types of haircuts.

The most popular styles for the season rely a lot on contemporising retro styles and refreshing old classics – and to those complaining about the lack of originality we can only say one thing; be grateful that the man bun is dead.

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