Classic Crew Cut

Here, at the legends HQ, we are always researching the best hair trends of the season, we are proud to offer the evergreen hairstyles to our customers, we are also well-prepared to advise on fashionable cuts. We enjoy showing our customers the enduring hairstyles among ever changing hair fashions.

If you have a hard time to choose a haircut, the Crew Cut might be the perfect style to try!

But what is a classic Crew Cut?

It is a cut that will give you a sharp style with a minimalistic look. The Crew is a haircut with short hair on the top and even shorter tapered sides.

Who is the Crew Cut for?

It really looks great on most guys, it offers a clean style that exudes confidence. Whether you are a business professional or a student, there are no obstacles for you to work this low-maintenance, super sharp style.

How to create the look?

Start by washing the client’s hair first, this removes any product in their hair or any product they may have used days previously this makes the process easier to work with.

Here at The Legends Barbershop in London we use American crew daily conditioner and daily moisturising shampoo also for all types of hair.

People will always comment on how they feel fresh after the wash and how soft their hair feels after the treatment.

First, you will need to cut the sides and back to a short, uniform length with clippers, then you will need to shorten the top, ideally with scissors. Create a transition from the bottom to the top using your clippers. Once it is all blended nicely, line up the edges with your straight cut razor.

For styling we recommend our very own styling product, The Legends Hair Gel  for the long-lasting, stylish look.

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