How to become a barber

The Legend’ s Master Barber, Darius has three decades of professional experience behind him. As the co-founder of The Legends Barbershop and The Legends London product range, he is also an international educator and competition judge of barbering. He is very passionate about the trade and is eager to see more people coming forward and decide to become professional barbers. We manage to get his attention for a short interview to see what you need to do if you are thinking about becoming a barber.

1. Darius, can you tell a bit about your experience as a barber student and the reason why you decided to become one?

When I finished my elementary education, I took part in a session where you could speak to trade representatives and professionals who were introducing their trade. It was extremely useful for us to hear all the options. I instantly like the idea of becoming a barber. Then I took part in a three- year course to become a barber. It included a lot of practice to gain experience and in every six month I had to take an exam. If someone did not pass the exam they had to repeat the same six- month module. It was quite strict, but I did not mind. It gave me a very strong foundation to build on.

2. What is the life of a barber like?

Being a barber is a great profession and a lifestyle. You can really have a nice time at work as a barber, where you can socialize with your clients and colleagues.

3. As you have been a barber for decades, you have all the knowledge and experience to assess why this career path is to be chosen by anyone. So why would you recommend anyone to become a barber?

It is a job for life, you can travel the world and work anywhere really, if you are ambitious, of course. It will provide you with a steady income too.

4. What are the ways of becoming a qualified barber and what might be the obstacles in the current system of barber education?

I would recommend that you go and work in a barbershop as a junior so that you can see if it is really your cup of tea. There are many barbershops who take juniors. Just spend a couple of weeks and you will see if it is for you. Then if you are convinced, you can move onto doing your professional qualifications.

5. What sort of materials can the interested parties access online, that can help them develop necessary skills or improve techniques?

There is plenty of material online, however, be careful, it is hard to find the right material if you do not have experience, you will not be able to judge what is right and what is wrong. You can research the barber and see if he is a professional one. If you want to have a peak and get some ideas of professional barbering and techniques, just look at our YouTube Channel, we have some really awesome stuff and we post regularly, and of course, do not forget to Subscribe to us.

6. How many years of practise does it take for a new barber to become a ‘so called’ experienced one?

It is a tricky question and I will not be able to give you a timeline. It depends on personal devotion, the willingness to learn and listen.

7. What are the possible ways of gaining more experience?

As I have previously mentioned, you can go to a barbershop and become a junior so that you can gain more experience. You will need to learn the foundation techniques and then you can build on those and improve your skills even further.

8. What necessary skills are needed to be a good barber?

Patience, good eye for detail, precise hands.

9. What would be the piece of advice to someone who is interested to become a barber?

Go and do your two weeks in a barbershop and you will know if it is for you! Barbering is for life and you have to love barbering to become a real pro!

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