Meet the Barber: Jack

Hi, my name is Jack, I work in the Holborn branch and I`ve been doing this job for a long long time, 30 years!

Why did you decide to be a barber?

My parents pushed me to start my career, mainly my mother. I was a lazy fella and they had to push me to pick a carrier so in the end they decided for me.

What do you like the most about the job?

I really like the fact that every day is different, different people, different conversations, and different styles to create.

And the least?

What I don’t like about my job is the early morning start – ideally I’d love to start after lunch.

Who would be your dream client?

My dream customer is Donald Trump, I’m curious to see closely what is his secret for that hair, still a mystery for everybody.

If you were not a barber, what would you be?

If I were not a barber I would be a gambler, good fun, sometimes good money too.

What song inspires you when styling?

Regarding the music I like, well, I like all sort of music, sometimes I find myself singing too, maybe could be my retirement carrier…just kidding.

Where to find us

Holborn Branch

12 Lamb's Conduit Passage
Holborn, London

020 7430 1850

Strand branch

23 John Adam Street
Strand, London

020 7930 9500

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