Pomade Plus Points

The Legends London men’s hair pomade has so many fans worldwide! We’re often asked about the product formulation – how is it crafted, and how does it work best? We’re here to answer your questions:

Why did The Legends Barbershop start crafting its own hair products?

For years our barbering team tried and tested various product brands. Some were great, some were not so, but we always felt a long-lasting effect lacking in their formulation. With combined decades of experience in the industry, the Legends team knew what we were looking for, and so we started creating. The potted result? A high-hold, medium shine, water-soluble pomade which is truly humidity proof.

Which men’s hair type is best suited to the pomade?

We wanted a pomade that would withstand any weather, and that is truly what we have achieved. Due to the humidity in East Asia, as well as the coarse hair textures, our products are well-matched to our oriental Asian client base.

What are the product’s best qualities?

– The Legends London Pomade does budge- keeping your hair styled for as long as you desire

– What if you want a restyle? Gently reposition your hair via the flexibility this product provides

– We’re proud that this pomade works with the texture of strong hair types – and not against them!

How can I style my hair with pomade at home?

Take a look at this article ‘How to achieve pomade perfection’ for professional tips on how to create legendary looks away from the barbershop.

Where can I purchase the pomade?

Find it in the barbershop in London – Holborn or Strand – or online worldwide.

Where to find us

Holborn Branch

12 Lamb's Conduit Passage
Holborn, London

020 7430 1850

Strand branch

23 John Adam Street
Strand, London

020 7930 9500


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