Summer hair in the year of lockdown

It is almost over, but what a spring it has been…like never before! We will all remember these unprecedented times!

Now that we can look at the sunny side of life soon again, we will surely need to prepare to shift back to normality! From our point of view, that is the barber’s point of view and it is all about hair!

Our team has been very eager to get back and cut again so preparation has been started and we are waiting for the green light to be given so our doors can be opened again. We know that after months of hair growing, self-grooming and many bad hair days, our lovely customers are also very keen to visit their favourite London barbershop.

We are convinced that those days are coming very soon! In the meantime, our group of barbers has been doing research about some of the most popular haircuts and hair styles for this summer. Male hair fashion for the summer of 2020 will definitely give you a variety of modern and classic cuts, so that you can rock your style and forget those scruffy days! So have a look at the Legends style guide for this summer!

French Crop

Previously features on our blog, the French Crop is still one of the No 1 hairstyles going around! French crop consists of hair that is cut short or medium on the back and sides and longer on the top. It is either combed over the forehead or brushed to the side depending on the length of the hair.

About the style, and why to choose it! It is a low-maintenance haircut, but at the same time it can give you that smart look with a hint of sophistication. It is extremely easy to style, just a minute and you are ready to go! Gentlemen, if you do not like the fuss, but wish to look stylish, French Crop is perfect for you! One of the best things about this style is flexibility; it works well with most of the face shapes and hair types! Have a look at our blog article about French Crop, here.

High Skin Fade with Textured Top

Skin Fade is already one of the most popular modern cuts of our times, it is also the one that requires the barber to have a very precise hands, an eye for detail and top barbering skills. As one of the latest hair trends for men, the skin fade comes in a variety of cuts, our pick is the one with the textured top.

Why should you choose this cut?

It is pretty simple: High Skin Fade will provide a modern edge to your style with a perfectly clear finish. The texture on the top will give a great, manageable volume and it brings easily maintainable hairstyle that looks fashionable. It is really hard to go wrong with the textured hairstyles.

Slick Back Undercut with Beard

Possibly one of the hottest combinations in town passed lock down! Since many gents decided just to let their beard grow, most will have a satisfying length and volume to work with, even though this style works extremely well with short beard too! Accompanied by a stylish undercut, this look is to make a seriously bold statement. On its own right Slick Back, is a hairstyle that has proven to be timeless and quite possibly is one of the masculine haircuts that will never go out of style. Why should you go for this combination? Why not???You already have the beard… Not more to add to the previously mentioned features… Low maintenance is what you can expect if you go for this combination! Need some styling tips? Just drop us an email: . Our expert barbers are happy to give you a few tips and answer your questions!

The Classic Medium Taper

This is an extremely popular style in our barbershop, many London gentlemen decide to go for this look as it quite elegant and gives you a professional look. With a taper, your hair gets shorter as it moves down your head. Typically, this taper will reach past your ear and go down to the nape of your neck, following your hair’s natural growth. The key here is evenness. A taper will gradually shorten your hair, resulting in a neat and even look all around. The possibilities are endless when you go for taper, it is basically up to you if you choose the longer or shorter version, our favourite one is the Medium Taper. Who should choose this look? It would really suit anyone, who wishes to have a professional, business look. You can flexibly style it with pomade or wax, or just leave it natural, it is your call! Need a styling product? Check out our website.

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