Summer in the City: Hair Trends for Men

Summer has finally hit the city and our barbers are sharing their choice of styles for the season.

Whether it’s for work, a wedding, or just time to switch things up, take a look at our top three summer styles for men:

Surf Curtains

Get rid of your old set, and open up some new-style curtains this summer. Think loose, textured waves that meet at the nape of your neck. Leave them down when you’re hitting the beach, and tuck them behind your ears when you want to tidy them up for work.

At the barbershop? Ask to keep the back and sides shorter for full focus on the front of your head.

Keeping it up at home: Part your hair in the middle, then warm up some of our Pomade between your fingers before dragging it right through to the ends for a minimal-effort effect.

Classic French Crop

Looking for timeless and trendy? Insert the French Crop. A classic, short style with an emphasis on the fridge and face, this is a classic style that works all year round.

Barbershop tip: The short fringe at the front emulates volume, perfect for those receding amongst us.

Keeping it up at home: Maintain it easily with some Pomade on your palms post-blowdry.

Loving The Crew (Cut)

It’s hard to mention a crew without quoting The Weeknd’s summer anthem. However, if you want a cool haircut to keep you…well, cool, summer wouldn’t be the same without a fresh crew cut. Traditionally it’s similar to a buzz cut, fashionably tapered at the back and sides.

Shape up at the barbershop: Think about how much of a dramatic or subtle fade you want – it can make all the difference to the end result of this look.

Keeping it up at home: Use our Maximum Hold Hair Gel to keep it in place throughout work or play.

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