The Legend of hairstyling products

Hair gel has been around for many decades and is still one of the most popular products when it comes to hairstyling and male grooming. At the Legends Barbershop we are really keen to offer the best possible service and product selection to our customers.

What is so special about The Legends Hair Gel?

With combined decades of experience in the industry we really wanted to create a top-notch product that we are happy to use and offer to our customers. The potted result? A nourishing hair gel that gives you the flexibility to restyle your hair many times a day. Maximum hold guaranteed all day long without the flaking. Last, but not least it is truly humidity proof!

Which men’s hair type is best suited to the hair gel?

We wanted a hair gel that would withstand any weather, and that is truly what we have achieved. Due to the humidity in East Asia, as well as the coarse hair textures, our products are well-matched to our oriental Asian client base. However, it is suitable for all hair types and styles where you need maximum hold. Many of our customers take a pot of our gel on holiday, where heat and humidity may destroy your hairstyle in a second, The Legends Hair Gel will secure you a long-lasting hold.

Where can I purchase the hair gel?

Find it in the barbershop in London – Holborn or Strand – or on our website. The Legends Hair Gel is also available for purchase worldwide, learn more about our international stockists on our website.

Do you need expert advice on how to style your hair with the Legends London Hair Gel?

You can always rely on our barber’s advice when visiting our barbershops! Please do not shy away to ask… they are always happy to share their knowledge. If you wish to, you can drop us an email,

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