The Legends Style Guide: Hairstyle of the month the fade

It’s no secret that one the trendiest haircuts right now is the men’s fade. 

Fade haircuts are typically shortest near the neck getting longer on the sides and back until it’s at its longest point at top of the head, every fade is based around one main technique and then it’s tailored to fit the clients hair, shape  and personal preference. 

Fades are in, walk down the streets, turn on your TV the fade can be seen on almost every stylish gent right now.

You can use multiple methods to achieve this e.g straight cut razor, scissors and comb, clippers with a guard  or clippers with no guards. 

About the style

The medium fade sits below the temple but above the ear.  This style is perfect for men who are searching for that modern look but keeping it low maintenance whilst making the most of the barbers razor and clipper work. The medium fade can be worn by anyone from small children to grown men it will continue to be popular styles for many years to come due to its soft, tight ,tidy nature, To see what versatility it actually has try with pomade for a sharp wet look or even matt clay for that super texture look. 

Create that look

Start by washing the clients hair first this removes any product in their hair or any product they may have used days previously this makes the process easier to work with.

Here at The Legends Barbershop in London we use American crew daily conditioner for all types of hair and daily moisturising shampoo also for all types of hair.

People will always comment on how they feel fresh after the wash and how soft their hair feels after the treatment.

Dry the hair with a towel to remove excess water, cut the top of the hair to the clients desired length if the client has curly hair take note to leave the hair on top with a bit more length as this will shorten when dry. Point cutting and channel cutting techniques to create that textured look and stop the haircut looking flat.

Now the top is sorted, start by making your zero guideline temple to temple finish off by working through your clipper guards, make sure to remove all excess hair with your fade brush to make sure you are not missing hair lines etc.

Now that it’s all blended nice, line up the edges with your straight cut razor to make the fade stand out.

Rub a small amount of The Legends Barbershop very own pomade – water soluble, high hold product this will leave the hairstyle neat and smelling amazing.

Rub between your hands and comb it through the hair for a clean finish.

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