The Legends Style Guide: Longer, natural flow hairstyle with short sides

After being in a lockdown on and off for over a year, we have new trends developing in all areas of fashion, including male hair fashion.

We have many customers who have adopted to a different hairstyle after the lockdown, many of them decided to keep their hair at a longer length, rather than having their usual, short haircut.

We have got a feeling that the trend of longer haircuts for men will be ongoing for the rest of the year, so we picked our favourite, longer natural flow hairstyle with short sides.

Who is this haircut for?

Again, as usual we can recommend this style for almost every age group. You see teenagers having this hairstyle, with their fringe brushed into their faces, you also come across with TikTok influencers, footballers and celebrities, just like Bradley Cooper with a slightly more sophisticated look.

 So why not give it a go?

This is a very low- maintenance cut and it will make you look very cool and fashionable, having said that, I can assure you that it can look accepted and fashionable in a professional environment too!

How to get the Flow hairstyle?

Before you approach your favourite barbershop, you need to make sure that you patiently grow your hair up to 5-6 inches.  

Your barber will achieve the Flow by starting to cut the side and back with a clipper, then scissors cut the long/ medium flow on the top. 

You can ask for a more textured cut, but alternatively it can be left in its natural texture, it is all up to you!

We are experts of men’s haircuts at The Legends Barbershop, we would be happy  to advise you on the Flow or any other haircuts, you can email us or directly approach one of our barbers in our barbershops is Holborn or near Charing Cross Station!

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