The Legends Style Guide: Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

As the warm days of summer have long disappeared on the horizon, we all feel the cold of autumn, as it slowly leads us into the frostiness of winter. It is not just our body that senses the change in temperature, but also our head. The weather change will also set the trends, the autumn will always favour haircuts that are longer, many of us gentlemen will say goodbye to the short fades and super short buzz cuts.

As barbershops around London are getting ready for the winter, us, at The Legends Barbershops HQ are also looking into how we could best advise our customers on new trends and haircut options. Our first pick, and one of our favourite hairstyles for the season, it is suitable for those who have curly hair and usually have a short haircut as they are not sure how to deal with their curls.

Wish to follow autumn trends? Keep your curls!

Medium length curls are back, and they are here to stay, so you better get used to them. They will keep you warm for the coldest season and will go rather well with you Christmas jumper in December.

How to best cut Medium Length Wavy hairstyle?

Before you approach your favourite barbershop, let your hair grow up to 6-8 inches, so the barber will have a good length of hair to work with.

The barber will cut the top of your hair, using a clipper to reduce the length. Please note that your hair might be left a bit longer at this stage than the desired length as it will shorten when dry. Next, a professional barber will use scissors to cut your hair, point cutting and channel cutting techniques are very popular to create that textured look and stop the haircut looking flat.

After fully finishing with the top of the hair, the barber will move onto the sides, finishing off the look with the lines around your neck, ears, and sideburns. We recommend that you go for a natural finish, however an undercut is also a possibility at this stage.

How to style your hair?

 The beauty of this style that it can be as high or low maintenance as you wish. You can style with a good pomade or wax to accentuate your curls. For a hairstyle that does not follow the beaten path, you can leave it messy or just slick it back without any styling product for a natural flow.

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