The Legends Style Guide: Mid Length Taper

As we walk through the streets of London, we notice the change of weather and mood! The January blues have long gone, the days of February are like a distant memory. Hats off gentlemen! Spring is around the corner! This is the time to look sharp and debonair. A good cut matters, because it is the cut itself that makes our hair an attractive feature for all! What can be more stylish than a Mid Length Taper cut?

Should you consider this cut?

The Mid Length Taper is a great option for those with thick hair as it will allow you to accentuate your locks while creating a manageable shape and control to the look. One of the best things about taper that it takes away some of the weight from the side, so it is the cut to consider if you have thick or wavy hair.

How to create the look

Start by washing the client’s hair first this removes any product they may have used previously, so it will make your job easier, also the finish will be a lot nicer! Start cutting from the top, through the sections of the hair, with high-quality scissors work. Take a volume and thin it out. Blow dry to give direction of the style. Then start cutting side and back with the clipper, you can use grades between 4 and 6. To give the look more balance, create medium-size sideburns. Finish it off with the lines around the neck and ears. You should keep neck clean and tidy in a natural way.

How to style your hair

You can comb it to the side or shake things up a bit by brushing your hair back, rather than to the side to give the look a different vibe. The styling product can be your choice depending on what your preference is. A water-based pomade could give it a nice, slick look. The Legends London Pomade would be perfect as it has a good hold, but still gives you the flexibility to restyle your hair through the day and it is extremely easy to wash it out of the hair.

Choosing your barber

This cut will need an experienced barber who can closely follow the hairlines for precision. The mastery of scissors skills is essential for crafting this haircut. If you still have questions about the hair style or consider having this mid length cut, come and see one of our highly qualified and widely experienced barbers at The Legends Barbershop. Our team of enthusiastic barbers is always very keen to have a detailed consultation about hairstyles and haircuts.

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