The Legends’s style guide- Bowl haircut

The classy, yet trendsetting version for the modern gentleman…

Don’t we all remember the times when bowl cuts were famous for being the ugly style, quite often cut and styled by mum, who only had 10 minutes to deal with your hair.
As we all may know, the bowl cut got its name, because originally it was done by placing a bowl on the head as a cutting guide.
Men having a bowl cut was very popular in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Crusade.
In the 60’s, The Beatles introduces a modern version of bowl-cropped style, a trend that definitely changed men’s style around the world.
In the 90’s, bowl cut made an unpredictable return with famous people, such as Jim Carrey or Leonardo DiCaprio proudly sporting the look.

Bowl cut has surely been around for a long time and certainly is here to stay, just in a more sophisticated and modern form …So forget the use of a bowl to cut this style, you are better off relying on your excellent barber skills.

This time around we recommend a stylish cut with a higher undercut so that we avoid the helmet effect, also the cut is tighter around the sides.

How would we cut this Legendary Style?

Keep reading for the professional advice!
Wash the hair or use a water spray to wet it. Take a horseshoe shaped section, make sure you follow the natural shape of the head, brush the remaining hair (top section) to the front, out of the way. Use clipper-over-comb technique to cut all the sections underneath. Then next, go back and refine the underneath sections using scissor-over -comb technique. Take the top section down, section by section, cut above the ear and over direct the fringe. Continue with your scissors through all the top section. Layering the hair will result in a more textured style. By point-cutting, you can achieve a more polished cut, make sure you check the length of the fringe with the customer.

You can easily style your hair, using The Legends London Hair Gel for a long-lasting hairstyle. You can restyle this look many times and many ways. Choose the neatly combed version for an elegant style or mess it up to keep it cool.

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