Why to use Alum Matches

The best after shave astringent

For some of us trying to get a good shave, it seems like a hit or miss. You might be a clumsy shaver, the one that does a pretty precise job or even a professional barber with the skills and experience, but let us be honest, cuts and razor burns will happen and they spare no one!

Treatment than works

When it comes to shaving accidents, forget random remedies, witchcraft and irritating, oily ointments! There is one treatment that is truly effective and it is no longer the secret of your barber! Alum, a natural astringent is the best treatment to prevent infections, seal nicks and soothe your skin.

The Legends London Alum Matches So why the Legends?

Besides being the winner of 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards in Best Shave Product category, The Legends London Alum Matchsticks are made of 100% natural Alum stone, so that you can enjoy the maximum effect and fully benefit from the mineral to treat your shaving cuts and keep your skin in good condition. It is extremely easy to use, simply moisten the tip of the alum matchstick with a little water and apply to nicks, cuts and razor burn.

The Legends London single use and disposable alum matchsticks are the very convenient and the most hygienic version of alum products available on the market.

Furthermore, they are a perfect addition to your shaving or travel kit, due to their size. They are used both by individuals and professional barbers all around the world.

You can pick up some Alum matches directly from our barbershops, visit our website or you can drop us an enquiry email at info@thelegendslondon.com

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